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I would just like to add, nosmos, I really appreciate all your efforts for us deception/infil players! I have been playing this spec from day 1 and love it! it's because of players like you that we got a buff in the first place, so thank you...
Hey np BTW I'm on Po5 and my SIN name is Parabole if anyones on there.

Right now I can have 1040 force power if I want, but that will drop my force crit to around 33 percent. When I compare the differences and slap back in some black hole crit mods, bringing my force power down to around 998 and force crit to around 37 percent - the sustained seems higher....

1040 force etc, sure..when maul or discharge or shock hit and crit, they hit big. But it's infrequent, and frankly sub-par for long encounters for the amount of force you burn through for tool-tip damage. My question is, why on earth do we have no flipping Crit talents, Accuracy talents or mainstat!!!!!!!!!
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