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2) Please have our CC ability reset on death, double the cool down time on all CC abilities...
I think you mean our CC break ability? This is an intresting concept, but I think this would essentially make CC useless, might be worth a try, but I think fixing resolve would solve alot of the CC related issues in PvP.

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3) Have the battle master gear be the new recruit gear. ( canít remember if it is this way in 1.6 on the PTS) The gear gap between new 50ís and WH needs to be closed. The gap is so large it is extremely discouraging and turn a lot of people off of WZ.s
The recruit Mark 2 is close enough to BM gear now that this would not achieve much except eliminating a minor part of the PvP gearing experience, of which the BM "grind" is already not much to speak of .

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4) Also please look into adding a group finder for ranked WZ or let us group in groups of 4. The current system is not designed well, and leads to few guild/groups actually running rateds.
TBH this has been talked to death recently.

My thoughts.
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