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11.22.2012 , 03:40 PM | #1
Since topics with these titles are popular I'll post one too. F2P just made 10-49 PvP more unbearable than it already was. If you group up and have at least 4 people that can differentiate between east and west and have some situational awareness you will win the warzone unless you meet another premade. If you meet another premade the warzone will at least be somewhat fun.

If you solo queue you will most likely end up with 7 bads. I know they suck when my combat medic out damage every single one of my team with 120k damage while I also get some 230k healing. When they also expect the healer to charge in first everywhere and will wait for you to do so I just see no hope for lowbie PvP.

Doing lowbie PvP now is just as boring as doing space missions. Is there any point in suffering in lowbie PvP except for maybe trying to keep valor level locked? With 1.6 is around the corner getting decent gear for 50 PvP will be quite fast.