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I've seen you speaking about the dread guard healing relic... But the dread guard healing relic has +power on it, and less endurance.

Wouldn't the campaign healing relic be better for a shadow then? The TK heal would heal for more and probably compensate for the difference in proc magnitude?
That's a really interesting question. Ask Mr Robot hasn't updated their relic data yet, and I don't currently have access to log into the game and look at the relic itself. You could be right.

Quote: Originally Posted by GeckoOBac View Post
Finally, pending clarification on the healing relic, what would be the BiS for the second relic for a tanking shadow? The DG absorb proc? a WH one? In case of a pvp one, the second best would be...?
Off-hand, I would say the DG defense relic is probably second best in slot, but I need to spend some quality time with the numbers to be sure. It is almost certain that the defense relic is superior to the DG proc absorb.
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