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Thanks for the thread, very useful. I've been on since before the beginning and STILL haven't made But I found this to be useful information for the future.
Thanks Shubsathoth. I think there are a lot of us who have been plugging away for some time but still don't know all the ins and outs of the game. I have three Level 50s and feel there is this entire group of people who hit 50 -- probably in January of 2012 -- looking down on me .

Honestly, I really enjoyed that OP and I think it (more than the 1.5 expansion) is responsible for my renewed interest in the game (let me be clear, I'm here for the long-term, but I'm capable of losing interest in it for extended periods of time). I know all the work they've put into the group finder, and that was definitely helpful, but BW may consider finding someway of rewarding advanced-50s for doing newbie runs.

e.g. Getting rewarded extra whatevers for being an op-leader or Lt. of an OP with players who are doing the mission for the first time.

e.g. Getting a title for being an OP leader or LT. and doing all the ops with at least one new player .

Wouldn't be incredibly hard to track and I'm sure there are a whole host of us who'd love to hear: "Hey, doing terror from beyond, any newbies wanna come along?


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