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Personally since I had the Collectors edition, I went and bought the Imp trooper set from the social items vendor in the VIP lounge. And my sniper is cybertech so I filled him with blue/purple mods I made, bought bracers, belt modable on the GTN for cheap (9k each).

Had an artificer and an armstech so always in mods, and made sure Kaliyo was in modable gear. Pvp's so I had the level 40 tank set for bounty hunters for her.
I tried having moddable gear on me AND my companion, but i couldn't find any crafters that weren't greedy a**holes, i believe in paying for what the item costs to make and a little extra as tip, though crafters tend to demand tips, even though tips are technically optional, but demanding them and still calling them tips is just stupid.

I really wish i liked crafting, but i don't, i HATE crafting, every mmo has crafting and every single mmo, i have hated the crafting in it, the most i tend to do when trying crafting is just make green armor and sticking with that, the crafted green armor tends to be more superior to what you get via quests, sometimes even the blue gear is worse then crafted greens, but the gathering the gear tends to get more and more long-winded, especially when there are 2 grade 1s and grade 2s and so on, why can't there just be one of each grade, it would be so much more manageable.

For example, instead of Desh, Silica and Laminoid and Aluminium, it could just be desh and silica.....would be so much better that way.