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11.22.2012 , 01:38 PM | #6
I still vastly prefer 0/27/14 over full Deception.

Having Deathfield is a huge boost to your single target burst damage. Geared, DF will crit for 5k. There is no way that the 30% boost to shock is equivalent to 5k. So for single target burst, DF + Discharge + unbuffed shock > buffed shock + discharge. Also, having DF makes the burst far more unpredicable. The voltaic animation is a dead giveaway that there is hell coming. Switching targets can help this somewhat of course, but I know for myself, as soon as I see someone throw out that yoyo, I know exactly what is coming, and what I can do to stop it. Plus, against voice coordinated teams, it gets even worse. I see yoyos, I can tell my buddy whats incoming, and then he can deal with it. Seeing people in Surging charge using the regular thrash can throw people off. Plus, since shock is not receiving any buffs, if you have force to spare, you can shock without having to do any other attacks. More burst coming faster and unpredictably.

Also, to whoever incorrectly stated that Discharge is affected by the arpen talent, you're wrong. Like DF, Discharge is an internal damage attack. Also, there are no buffs to crit chance, so I'm not sure where you get that idea. And also relying on reckless FL for ranged is just a bad idea. Recklessnss has a 75 sec cd with the stalker bonus, if its not up, you're screwed. And you should be using Recklessness as much as you can anyway, saving it for cap interrupting is stupid. Also, FL is vulnerable to LoS, which is a serious problem in civil war. The utility of DF is just essential. With your crit at appropriate levels, thrash with the 1 or 2 points into claws of decay will basically nullify the extra damage VS does over thrash. Deception will have more sustained damage than 0/27/14, because once DF goes on cd, then the 30% boost to shock will pull ahead. But the purpose of Deception based builds is never sustained damage anyway.

Deception is a good build yes, and I still enjoy playing it, and seeing how big a shock I can get. But for serious competition, I will never be playing it again, unless VS does indeed receive a buff that makes it worth taking. And I do like the VS animation, even though it is a dead giveaway. I would be very happy if it got buffed.