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You know what it's time for? A roundup of the highlights and characteristic interactions of these two across the twenty years of their acquaintance, or, The Long and Winding Road to Slash! The leadup actually isn't slashy at all. Nor even very humorous. But here it is.

A few of these have only previously been published in the PDF edition of Ruth Means Compassion; I'll copy/paste here.

1. Quinn and Wynston meet (see below)
2. Wynston ruins everything (according to Quinn) on Alderaan (also in the PDF as Allies on Alderaan)
3. Quinn and Wynston don't discuss job stress on Voss (PDF chapter Visions on Voss and The Voice on Voss)
4. Wynston sees Quinn in the field years later (PDF chapter Time does not bring relief)
5. Wynston does some real lecturing in Quinn's direction (also in the PDF as I'm not done lecturing you)
6. Ruth brings Quinn into Wynston's quest (PDF chapter Reintroduction)
7. Wynston, Quinn, and Ruth in the field (see below)
8. Multi-part planning in endgame has some noninteractive parts before the moment that commands a détente (PDF chapters Huddle and Protection, 1-4)
oh crap Quinn was actually taking this stuff seriously and, and he finally lost like Wynston always wanted him to but it kind of sucked, and in the end Ruth wanted him to be okay but he gave everything for the mission and now he's alone and miserable!
9. Wynston offers Quinn a job (PDF chapter Scattering)
10. (hopping to this thread) Quinn, to his own surprise, takes the job

1 – Quinn and Wynston meet – published in the PDF as A Chiss, a Rattataki, a Twi'lek and a Sith walk into a cantina. Ruth only knows Wynston from a one-night stand on Dromund Kaas at this point.


7 – Wynston, Quinn, and Ruth in the field – PDF chapter Love believes all things

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