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11.22.2012 , 12:43 PM | #1
I would like to start a discussion and hopefully a movement for a few changes to PvP.

1) Please do not make the new WH gear require the equivalent item turn in. I, personally, do not think a constant gear grind is content. With the way mods are set up it requires us to get a lot of different pieces to make our characters effective and efficient. This takes up a lot of room in your bank/inventory and truly just pisses me off. Require any similar WH item should be fine.

2) Please have our CC ability reset on death, double the cool down time on all CC abilities, and ensure all stuns give the proper resolve.

3) Have the battle master gear be the new recruit gear. ( canít remember if it is this way in 1.6 on the PTS) The gear gap between new 50ís and WH needs to be closed. The gap is so large it is extremely discouraging and turn a lot of people off of WZ.s

4) Also please look into adding a group finder for ranked WZ or let us group in groups of 4. The current system is not designed well, and leads to few guild/groups actually running rateds.

Letís really start a constructive discussion so the Devís know what we are looking for out of our WZ experience, and so all of our PvP experiences are better than they are now.