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11.22.2012 , 12:35 PM | #130
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The flying throne isn't a new concept & certainly wasn't conceived by Bioware - I remember seeing that used in Marvel & DC comics over the years (Thanos used to use one at some point, for example). Personally I like it & hopefully will obtain one at some point. That's the thing - these items aren't to everyone's taste, so not sure why you need to call it "stupid" simply because you don't like it.
The fact is, and this is a response to the above, above poster as well. Its a good idea, I have nothing against floating/stationary thrones. Many RPers were looking forward to it. But as a speeder (the key phrase there being 'speed') is verging on the ridiculous. I mean, I'm sure none of those characters you mentioned sped about the place in their thrones like F1 drivers. Basically it would have worked better as a meditation throne aboard your ship, that maybe gives you buffs or something. Or some sort of emote, that is stationary.

P.S. Is this available for Republic players, or have they just missed out? Seems a little unfair if you ask me.