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You know, that is exactly what I was talking about. We may disagree on the subject, but we do so without calling each other names or scream and yell at another.

Just to give you a few examples of what I was talking about when I said "I found it justified in part, but childish and bratty in the way it ended up playing out." (and I stand by what I said):

(Dear Mods, I know this is a little off topic but lemmme just mention this and I'll shut up about ME, promised )

On public boards when I mentioned I was okay with the endings and didn't really miss anything, there were people telling me I could never ever be a "true" Mass Effect fan then. They did not allow any disconsent. That I found quite presumptuous.

The guy who set up the FB group went into hiding for three to four weeks after he opened it and it became viral, later claiming he had named "mods" in his absence who deserted him. My guess is he just didn't know what to do with all his new found "fame".

Employees of BW, writers, producers, were called all kinds of names on all kinds of boards, liars and a**holes being among the more harmless ones. There were quite a few people who claimed the whole ME franchise was crap now and they would throw away their games, just because they didn't like the last ten minutes of maybe 100 hours of game time. That indeed I found rather bratty and childish. I read just last night (I didn't even know), that Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk left Bioware to retire. I have no idea whether there's any connection here, but one saying he lost passion for creating video games, after all this ruckus with the new DLC was over .... I find this timing rather odd. But maybe that's just me.

Everyone should do what they want to get the content they want. That's more than fine with me. But don't claim I'm not a real fan if I disagree with you on some things and behave yourself in a way that makes it possible for other people to interact with you, be it other fellow gamers or writers, producers, and so on. I guess that's all I'm saying. And by "you" of course I did not mean you you... in case that was unclear.
There's plenty of childish action on the interwebs. But when it comes to civil rights and inclusiveness history is the clear lesson that without a riot nothing will change. I've been looking for the All Out campaign, what ever happened to it? So many people have given their signature for that public action and it seems to have been completely ignored. BW has said "this year", and if that doesn't happen they'll have to act responsibly like any adult or institution and explain themselves. If not then clearly it is time for more actions. This is not about some missing feature, or some ending we're unhappy with. This is about being excluded from yet another game, and their promise to fix it. And I think we're in our right to be very angry about it. Anno 2012 this should have been a thing of the past, and talking and mailing seems to get nobody anywhere.
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