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11.22.2012 , 12:12 PM | #3238
I must say I'm surprised at the tone being expressed here at times. Sure, I can understand your bitter disappointment that there's no word on SGRA's, and that they are probably being delayed due to F2P.

However, if you want to see SGRA's in games, you have no greater friend than BioWare. Remember the publicity over Mass Effect and all the bad headlines. They took a stand, and a risk for things you both want. They want these things in their games.

Now, your friend is in trouble. Their publisher is probably breathing down their necks, worried about their $200 million-plus investment. They have to re-prioritise. This is a fully-voiced story-focused MMO. Writing NEW story content is more expensive than in a SP game. Writing NEW story content for eight different arcs, and making sure it all works out-of-the-box and doesn't conflict with something else that they're working on is rather more expensive.

And what do they get in return for giving you what they want in the past and trying to meet expectations? Demands. Threats. Insults. Fine, you're upset. But you're treating them worse than "Other Developers" (tm) who don't even try to put what you want in games. It is important in life to always remember who your friends are.