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11.22.2012 , 12:01 PM | #85
Posted this already in the wrong thread, but anyway:

I've seen you speaking about the dread guard healing relic... But the dread guard healing relic has +power on it, and less endurance.

Wouldn't the campaign healing relic be better for a shadow then? The TK heal would heal for more and probably compensate for the difference in proc magnitude?

Gunnery mandos/arsenal merc have 35% armor penetration from the stance (not 10), to which you have to add the 20% armor reduction on the target. Now, IIRC they said that they basically calculate the % added together, meaning a mando/merc specced that way will basically see a 55% reduction on target armor, for an effective mitigation (barring some kind of diminishing returns) of 15,75% on operation bosses meaning that, on average and not counting crit, those classes should see 235ish hits on the kinetic/energy relics.
[Edit: my calculations are off because the reduction is on the rating, no the straight mitigation, so the relic proc will hit for less than that, but should still be better than the internal one]

Finally, pending clarification on the healing relic, what would be the BiS for the second relic for a tanking shadow? The DG absorb proc? a WH one? In case of a pvp one, the second best would be...?