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11.22.2012 , 11:49 AM | #3235
Even though I think that SGRs have been postponed indefinitely, there's something else that's changed obviously; the elephant being F2P.

BW has stated that the Cathar is coming soon and will be a Cartel Market unlock only. HK51, our first additional companion, is also a Cartel Market unlock. I've been wondering if this signifies a move to additional big content updates going to the Cartel Market. HK51 is now a legacy unlock if you have it on one of your toons. The good thing about that is that if you care about HK51 you can have it with all your toons regardless of level. That's something I can appreciate.

Could this mean that future companions will be Cartel Market companions? Again the positive thing about that is that it would allow one to have a companion across one's legacy at whichever level. It'd also allow a companion to be had and romanced with any toon at any level.

Any thoughts on this?
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