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you get to kick more *** before 1.6 comes, plus you have every WH piece you need to trade in for the EWH set, aka early advantage

by the time they have their WH set, you'll be in complete/near complete, optimized EWH gear
Well actually I don't have any of the armor pieces. Just the implants/relics/Elite weapons (Weapon Master Sabers and Vindicator Offhand [for mods]).

The point I was trying to make is "Why continually play SWTOR?" If they are bending to every whim of the players so that gear progression is given out (And probably in the near future bought) why dedicate yourself to this game?"

I think this is one of the areas where Bioware are inexperienced with MMOs. They don't understand that if you make someone kill themselves to get something, then turn around and hand it out to all the newcomers for free, people are going to just start leaving.

Why pay each month and play frequently if you can just leave for 4 months and come back, buy all the repriced gear and be just as competitive as you would have been if you stuck around and paid $100 and played 300 hours?