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I don't know the answer to that, as I don't play WoW, but I do know enough to know that the root of all evil with gear grinds comes from WoW. They need to flush that kind of game-design down the toilet, ASAP.

No one wants to spend countless hours of real life time grinding gear that is obsolete ever few months, and have it handed out to new players at a 1/3 of the cost.

Bioware/EA are a joke, They have no idea how to run an MMO. They are just copying WoW's dated MMO style from circa 2005, 7 years ago. This will not work, and these kind of game designs will lead to this game being CLOSED in 2013.
Gear grinds have been a core aspect of RPGs and MMORPGs since forever. WoW wasn't anywhere near the first to introduce it. Stop blaming WoW for everything.

If you don't like grinding, you're playing the wrong type of genre.