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11.22.2012 , 11:24 AM | #4
Glad you found your ability again.

But I must note that overall the nerf of ElectroDart to 10m and the addition of the interrupt was a NET nerf to Merc dps. The interrupt helps us not at all against enemy melee who are the main predators of Merc dps. And the interrupt helps us none when we are tasked with attacking the most common enemy healers, Op/Smuggie healers. On the contrary, we still need to apply a stun to finish off an Op/Smuggie healer, and now that is a significantly more hazardour undertaking as it involves getting very close to the Op/Smuggie's prolific stun range. So at a functional level, all the common tasks Merc dps need to do just got tougher. The one thing it is easier to do? Kill Mercs. LOL.