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You said...

For that statement to be true, those people would have all had to fight and beat Revan or it would have to state unequivicolly in the canon somewhere that these people were more powerful than Revan. It doesn't. That is your opinion. You are making assumptions based on what you've read to jump to that conclusion. And it's worth mentioning you do this routinely. You state an opinion as canon and then insult anyone who disagrees with you.
You really do not get the point of how WE compare canonical abilities do you? how hard is this to get? you take the purely canonical powers and abilities and match them to the powers and abilities that other characters have and then through those canonical abilities determine the winner, do you understand yet or... ? because they have entire youtube channels like yarealpoof and jensarai who do exactly this, it's like a game with certain rules, we are playing that game, this is how it works, do I need to explain this further or?