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Thanks for doing all the tests for this guys. As a Sentinel Watchman, I've switched from the two WH relics to DG Boundless +DG Elemental Proc. After only one attempt on the dummy, I was getting 1836 (my previous best was maybe 1815 or so). I've upgraded my gear a bit, but I think the switch of relics helps.

Here's the log:,f=1,t=1,b=1

Some interesting math for the Elemental:

Over a 5 minute fight (310 secs), the proc went off 52 times. That comes out to every 6 seconds. I did 15605 damage from the proc alone, which means each hit was for 300 dmg. It made up 2.7% of my overall damage. I can't say how much I lost from the static power, but 2.7% seems like a pretty decent bump.
Using the DG proc relic is 66 power less than the WH. 66 power = 15.18 dmg. Now if you take that number and don't include crit/crit multiplier the proc relic is a huge upgrade. From my testing Ive seen that the proc relic is good for a minimum of 16 dps during a fight and thats with the worst efficiency on that proc. I had a really bad parse on T and Z with a lot of movement going on and ended up with like 40% efficiency it was going off like once every 7s. It still came out to well over the dmg 66 power would have given during the same duration of fight. The overall dmg may not seem like much but its actually better.