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To the OP, I think the real question is, "how do you intend on playing?"

I play PvE with my Sage and focus on Healing (primary), damage (secondary), and crowd control (third). I use Qyzen as a tank and my role is to support him. When I send him into battle (Attack Target), I give him Force Shield every time.

If it is multiple enemies; after sending Qyzen, I send him against the strongest and work my way at attacking the weakest with telekinesis attacks (Project & Telekinetic Throw). While attacking, I also monitor Qyzen's health and watch for any other enemies that may wander into the fray.

If it is a single enemy; after sending Qyzen, I do my Damage Over Time (DOT) attacks and may follow with a few telekinesis attacks. My attacks depend on the level and rank (Strong, Boss, etc) of the NPC.

Qyzen will use his "taunt" abilities, but if one or more NPCs get close to me, I use Force Wave. If Qyzen is engaged with a difficult NPC and I see another one wandering in, I use Force Lift to give Qyzen time with his current enemy.

When in a group, my fighting style reflects the same as when playing with Qyzen.
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