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Honestly, Game Update 1.5 barely added much except a new Companion a small new Area to explorer and the F2P. I'm pretty sure whatever is in Game Update 1.6 should of been part of Game Update 1.5 like the new Space Missions, new Warzone Map etc... honestly every MMO i played such as FFXI, WoW, STO, Phantasy Star Online etc... when they added new Content you saw alot of new stuff being added but ToR adds less then what a random FPS Game adds. Hell, i think CoD and Battlefield add more Content then ToR did since release. I've been Subscribed since Day 1 when the Game released and stayed Subscribed since but i expect alot more Content to be added every 6 weeks because this is a joke.
When they said, smaller more frequent updates.... thats what they meant. Small updates but more often.

1. Operation
2. World event
3. HK-51 quest
4. Warzone
5. Space missions
6. Flashpoint
7. Daily area
8. Rinse and repeat

You will get 1 of those... mixed with some bug fixes and maybe some balance passes and surely some cash shop updates every 6 weeks or so. Some of the smaller ones like Daily Area and HK 51 can be mixed together sometimes. This is the new content idea. I actually think its better then trying to fit half of it into 1 large 5 month update. Atleast now, you get a little something quite frequently.

What they need to do is start working on other types of content. I have a feeling they wont do that anymore. Maybe with a large expansion but unlikely still.
James Ohlen: " For 2012 we really want players to feel like they're getting their money's worth. You're going to see so many changes and additions to the Star Wars Universe. It's going to be impressive. We have our Update 1.2 coming in the next week and then after that it's going to continue to roll out month after month. It's exciting."