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11.22.2012 , 10:46 AM | #12
I agree with the OP... tried rolling Lethality in lowbie PVP, lvl40 op. I actually topped dmg charts but who cares, it's pre-50.

The spec is nice for the ability to cast its DoTs on far away foes, but it sucks because it's hard to keep up with targets. you have to sneak up on em and keep em locked down with corrosive snare and sever tendon.

Also energy management is horrible, and the payoff is good but not GREAT.

It'd be nice to see the energy requirement lifted from cull, 30% chance to grant TA from DoTs or a guranteed TA from backstab, or both! Those changes would help soo much with action management and make it a fun spec to use. I like the spec, but the energy management es horrible.