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11.22.2012 , 10:31 AM | #138
I am done with this Debat on Revan , its all opinions and its just a GIANT Circle of Debat with two sides going to extremes and what not .
Its like Someone trying to debat their personal real life success with a person they just shacked hands with and went on to think theirs is better because they know themselves and know nothing of the other person .

Call it what it might be , bad writing , Respect for godknows what Reason to Drew , or just honestly feeling Revan is better as a Unknown which I can respect .
Either or its all just opinions at this point , you cannot say someone wins plainly because you know nothing of the other person .
What we have in here is people taking away achievements of a character and belittling them to belittle his fans love/like of his character .
Revan was no Mary Stu , he lived and likely died at Foundry and was full of flaws . He was not a all powerful God , what abilities he did have got him through fights that others could not .
Like the Revan novel or not , Revan cannonly defeated a person that had Meetra and Scourage otherwise on the ropes and likely to be killed . Revan defeated that person , there is no what ifs about it . You can say it was her lightning that did it but it was Revan's skill and ability to redirect and the intelligence react to do it .
In Chess there is winners and losers , no inbetween , no maybes or what ifs .

Done with this thread ,

In all arguements aside , No hardfeelings , Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here ! Hope you all have a Good day with your family and Friends ! <3
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