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Again all the Combat mainly being done is Scion and Traya , while Nihilus was in the back Severing her from the Force . He was completely not in Combat with her.
I'm talking about the Exile vs Darth Traya.

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The Player Campaign Guide is also lacking when it comes to Revan , so really comeon
It also grants Exile everything from her game but takes away most from Revan and his game + KotoR II as it give him none of the skills , abilities and powers he used . So in the end really poor writing plays into this or some retarded Respect for Drew in unwilling to complete his character for him being he wasn't wanting to or what ever reason he had..
The Campaign Guide doesn't list much at all because there isn't anything in KotOR to confirm as canon for Revan, it's different in KotOR II because we have fully described instances of the Exile being trained in specific abilities, Drew does somewhat canonise Revan's abilities but I agree it was shoddy writing for him not to have actually confirmed stuff like Lightsaber forms, etc...

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Hey notice , I am not downplaying the Exile is powerful or great , I am just saying she "FOLLOWED" someone she thought was Greater .
She used to follow Revan during the war, you know when Revan was already a Knight and she was just a Padawan, when she went to free him from the Sith, she became his ally, as did Lord Scourge(for a time).