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Oh and Mefit it was the end of the battle, that is WHY they stopped and Traya defiantly attempted to use what was left of her power to use three levitating lightsabers, but she was to weak to keep up the charade.

Just so you realise, the KotOR Campaign Guide clears almost everything up from the games and also goes into detail about character's pasts, etc.. that's why I use it.
Again all the Combat mainly being done is Scion and Traya , while Nihilus was in the back Severing her from the Force . He was completely not in Combat with her . Her trying to Levitate her Lightsaber had nothing to do with them but her trying to get it to kill them .
Again the weak always follow the powerful or wise in bothsides of the Force , and once someone more powerful or wse comes along they take control .
By the means of taking control is the only thing different in Dark and Light , Sith/Jedi/or Dark Jedi.

The Player Campaign Guide is also lacking when it comes to Revan , so really comeon
It also grants Exile everything from her game but takes away most from Revan and his game + KotoR II as it give him none of the skills , abilities and powers he used . So in the end really poor writing plays into this or some retarded Respect for Drew in unwilling to complete his character for him being he wasn't wanting to or what ever reason he had..

Hey notice , I am not downplaying the Exile is powerful or great , I am just saying she "FOLLOWED" someone she thought was Greater .
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