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11.22.2012 , 10:12 AM | #1
I am curious to see how high we can heal based on gear and stats so I tested my heals on myself in pve gear.
In order to compare, post your deliverence heal on yourself, (non crit) and take an average of 5 heals.
Also post your salvation heal on yourself (non crit/crit)
Before you do, buff yourself and mention any buffs you don't have including your stim
post your relevent specs so we can compare the numbers vs the results.

Here are mine:
Health 21742
armor 2613
Bonus healing 723.2
crit chance 28.79
crit multiplier 76.28
activation speed 10.17

Deliverence 4097
Deliverence (crit) low 7070 high 7285
Salvation 496/875
best single heal 7894 (crit w/triage adrenal)

All companion are max affection for bonuses
rakata resolve stim
missing lucky shots