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I am supporting Nihilus and Sion here, but if you really want to go down that road:

The Exile had unlocked and harnessed fully the light side of the force.
She single-handedly wiped out the entire Trayus Academy on Malachor V the greatest source of dark side energy active at the time, which knocked her sick and almost delirious.
She was such a natural at Sever Force that Vima Sunrider actively had to teach her to control her power as a padawan learner and eventually used it so quickly that it was a checkmate in battle.
She learnt a moving battle meditation that was combined with a very deep meditative state that had Kreia and Mical stunned, she did not even have to concentrate upon it to be used, it was constant.
She had Echani battle precognition.
Had learnt how to completely block her own thoughts and simultaneously invade the minds of others with ease.
Learned the light-saber forms Shii-Cho, Makashi and Soresu to such a degree that even the Jedi Masters were amazed.
Had learned how to see without eyes through the Force as the Miraluka could.
Had defeated five fully-trained Echani battle sisters at once.
Defeated the entirety of the Mandalorian battle circle.
And was so strong in battle meditation that she won the Onderon Civil War for the losing Queen Talia.
Was the only Jedi on record to actively use an offensive style of Dun Moch.
And last but not least, her force bonds were so powerful that she had actively trained six nobodies in the force into full Jedi Knights and eventual Masters in the space of under two standard months.
See if we changed the name used here from Exile/or Meetra to Revan , we would have legions of Revan haters coming out the wood work to say he's a Mary Stu .
All these are taken from KotoR II and funny enough Revan fans can take nothing from KotoR I or II on his behalf .
But if we did , we would have a list just as long as just as powerful in outlook .
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