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Interesting... so a solo queue for ranked was always a possibility (which I hate) and the idea of some kind of match making as well. I also liked seeing them mention cross server even though if you look around you won't find any of the dev team talking about cross server any more recent than March 2012 Which was around 1.2.
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solo queues for ranked is utterly ridiculous. composition is essential in a full premade (8) because you're going in against a full premade. solo queues would turn out like group finder (in every mmo) where any idiot who is a tank/heal class will queue as tank/heal just to shorten his wait time, but he is in fact a dps. plus, how do you decide what strat you're going to employ if you don't choose your own team. e.g., 2 tanks and 2 heals? that's vanilla, but 1 tank and 3 heals as well as 5 dps and 3 heals tend to wreck the team that's handicapped in the dps dpt with 2 tanks.
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