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Actually, I'm not sure the x%class/y%gear/z%skill idea captures it best. Try multipliers instead, for variety:

Multiply together a score for their class, their skill and their gear to get how dangerous a player they are. A better player can make better use of a good class or good gear. You can argue about what weight to give each score. Fractions allowed.

Class. No class can do nothing, whatever people like to say, so this doesn't begin at zero. But some are definitely easier to do well on, or harder to do much on.

7 (Arsenal Merc) to
10 (Sent/Mara).

Skill. This can go all the way from zero (did nothing all game to help you win) to 10 (the perfect player, we have never seen his - or her - like). Some people may even be such a threat to their own team's chances they deserve a negative, but I won't be so cruel as to propose it.

0 = Useless. Actually useless, nothing, an empty slot.
5 = Average player. Virtually everyone thinks they're above average. I know I do. At least I accept I may be kidding myself.
10 = The king of all PvP gods. This is not you.

Gear. All gear is some use, so again it doesn't start at zero. Let's say naked is 1. Fully (correctly) augmented War Hero with modified min-maxed mods would be 10.

1 = Naked
4 = Questing greens
6 = Recruit
8 = Battlemaster
8.5 = Augmented Battlemaster
9 = War Hero
9.5 = Augmented War Hero
10 = Min-maxed modified Augmented War Hero.

So to get a score, give some values for each category. The perfect player would get 10 in each, for a 1000 rating (10 x 10 x 10). I'll use myself as a guinea pig.

Class: 8
My main's a Scrapper. I'd argue I'm basically more use than an Arsenal Merc (7) or Lethality Operative, but most classes get more breaks than mine.

Skill: 7
I'm decent, or I wouldn't get asked to join people in PvP. What I may lack in ability I make up for in experience, having PvP'd through three servers with the moves. Elite War Hero.

Gear: 9.7
I'm in min-maxed aug WH, but I've slacked by not doing the PvE operations to get the PvE 2-piece shell bonus, so no top score.

My score: 8 x 7 x 9.7 = 543.2

Draki is a JG on my server. They're a long-timer in Nostrum Dolus, probably Red Eclipse's top PvP guild, and was scary before the buff to focus.

Draki's score: 9.5 x 9 x 10 = 855

Mr'Noob is an imaginary sorc on Jung Ma. He just made 50, and has queued for PvP for the first time without picking up any recuit gear. He knew no better.

Mr'Noob's score: 8.5 x 2 x 4 = 68

Misspvp knows what she's doing, is pretty hot at warzones, and has just rolled up a marauder to 50 to see how it plays.

Misspvp's score: 10 x 8 x 6 = 480

So Miss PvP would give me problems and murder Mr'Noob, but Draki would probably still swat her until she improved her gear.

You can argue about what score the different advanced classes or gear should get in this system. The point is that instead of adding together the different aspects as the first model does, it lets them interact, so strong skill lets you get more out of your recruit gear.

Bit OT. I was bored at lunchtime.
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