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i'm not trying to "belittle" anyone i just feel like sometimes there's people whom are misinformed and then i try to enlighten them. and no i wont "champion" my fellow players desires if i do not agree with them.
Not a single person in this thread was misinformed in the way you are refering to.

You came in here and "informed us" that the buff appears in our buff bar, no ****.... really? We know it appears there, thats why the OP says it hurts his eyes. He doesn't want to stare at a little square for hours on end. It doesnt matter how big you make the buff bar, (especially sits it stupidly attached to the portrait) staring at one area strains eyes, is not conducive of a good gameplay experience, and detracts from the actual gameplay taking place. Lastly, i would like to point taking your eyes off the fight during an OPS to watch your buff bar the whole time leads to wipes.
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