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It would seem that it's gear over skill, and in the 49 bracket, it seems like that more because people are garbage... I mean... really bad. Now I pretty much always top the charts on my team whether I'm on my twink or my lv 15 assassin or something.

Now, the skillcap for a game like this is dangerously low. If you come across a good player, there's not much you can do to stop him. Unfortunately, his success, while some of it is gear, is also based on some skill. It's true that sometimes you just cannot react because you're stunned, or you got insta-killed, or something like that. It may seem that the person who killed you is most likely unskilled. However, people usually become pretty decent at the game after awhile of grinding their war hero gear lol. Anyways, just know that once you're in augmented BM (Don't do it! The next patch removes bm! Just save up on credits and comms, and be ready to buy a full set of war hero gear!), you'll be tearing up war hero people if you're really good (And by really I mean "actually", not "very" :P).

Simply put, the game is about skill a good amount, but gear can make a difference. Of course, luck is a great deal of a factor too, but even you can get lucky....
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