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Working backwards.. oh my I am so far behind.

iamthehoyden - that was wonderfully done. your descriptions put me there in the scene, your characters have such delicious dimensions. you have achieved what I am striving for and hope to someday accomplish with your writing.

Magdalene - I just love your Mirrah and Corso and watching the relationship start to blossom

Tatile - you did well with the idea you were trying to get across. Though we have all been raised with the idea of equality,cultures all have their strata.

Stirges - Rixik is a such an enjoyable complex character. I love that he can be restrained.

Fino - love your drabbles.

thatghost - I remember that spot. oh just lovely

SveinEternity - I love Smuggler/Corso stories. I have been taking my time on mine just to savor it.

Earthmama - lol I have to agree.. umm Tat is very hot. and so is your story

And Bright - Well. Veirce and company great stuff but the other? OMG. both bits, I am still bursting out in spontaneous giggling.

If I missed anyone, know that I read all of them and love them all. *blows kisses everywhere*
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