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Yeah I hope so too, I am aware that i'm nothing special and so on, but not to be able to get 3 medals in a WZ is frustrating to say the least, it isn't even about winning anymore. Imps on Red Eclipse don't have healers, period.
BUT I now rolled a PT, and at lvl 11 I get some kills and enough survivability to distrupt enemy capping, so about 50-50 chance of winning the match AND regular 6 medals per match. It is sooo much more fun. Thank god for this new patch as it will bring some needed gear equality, and probably a lot of new players in.
Oh, PT fun... it's next on my list to try out. (Mal was actually suppose to b a vanguard, but I enjoy healing too much.)

If it makes you feel any better, I'm not anything special either. I just barely started using non-numbered keybindings like 4 months ago. (Mine are usually the numbers, Q, E, R, F, X, `, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6, and the shift 1-6 and shift f1-f6) and my prowess as a duelist is meh... average.

^_^ any way, hope things look up for you. Getting into some groups/guild if you haven't already should help. Happy Thanksgiving!