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It's not my goal to be hero of the match or to be uber pro or anything, I want to have fun playing. It's not happening when being roflstomped with 3 hits even before I get to the node, ergo no medals for me, so pls tell me how will I get BM in a week? Impossible since I get 1 win in 10 matches if I'm lucky. WHat happens to my team mostly is that on Novare Coast south and Civil war mid my team (6 players) gets wiped in 20 seconds from beginning of the match. The only place where low gear players have a chance to win is Voidstar.
Being constantly creamed is no fun for anyone.
Eh... they can win at Huttball 2 with proper setup and passes.

And I'll assume they can win Voidstar because they ninja cap (which means their opponent is bad). I've won both CW and Novare with the same principle. Hoarde of players go to take your node, someone on your team ninja's their turret. It's sloppy, it's messy, but I've seen (enoyable even) CW games where the nodes are constantly changing using guerrila tactics.

Ya, getting creamed isn't fun, but honestly have you not played a game where part of it was frustrating even if on the whole it was enjoyable? (First thought comes to mind is Prince of Persia 3 with those damn chariot scenes. *** is a racing game doing in my hack n' slash?!)

I'm just saying that the majority of your period of discomfort is short. Recruit to BM is fairly short. That discomfort will be eased by stepping back and realizing you're like a level 20 again. I think the biggest problem people have is they hit 50 and feel like they should be powerful.

However, I'm glad for 1.6 because it will effectly remove the gear gap.