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It's not my goal to be hero of the match or to be uber pro or anything, I want to have fun playing. It's not happening when being roflstomped with 3 hits even before I get to the node, ergo no medals for me, so pls tell me how will I get BM in a week? Impossible since I get 1 win in 10 matches if I'm lucky. WHat happens to my team mostly is that on Novare Coast south and Civil war mid my team (6 players) gets wiped in 20 seconds from beginning of the match. The only place where low gear players have a chance to win is Voidstar.
Being constantly creamed is no fun for anyone.
Loose=/= you have bad gear.
Loose= Your team being weaker than the other team.

You know what is the beauty of WZs? Its a TEAM effort. All you have to do is play like a support to your team, CC the players attacking your healers, be the pocket dog of a uber geared player.

There is nothing like having a pocket dog as an asassin, no matter if its a stealth or not. 1 solo 14k hp moving toward a node in civil war, the solo defender will NOT call inc because meh...19k hp vs 14k hp but SURPRISE a 20k hp hybrid assassin is in your face too.

A lot of time I fail a solo cap because I killed the defender 1 or 2 sec too late, with the extra dps from the 14k hp, we can do it.

So the my gear sucks excuse isnt a good excuse, when I came back after my break I was full Champion with some pieces of centurion and 1 BM(all this gear was aquired with the very old school grind based on rng) and guess what? it wasnt updated at all so I was in a undergeared situation but me teams were able to like me because I was supporting the team very well.

I think reducing the cost of WH is a good idea but not that much tbh
Guarding a healer is not only the job the the skill ''guard''. It is also your job to stay around the healer to be a plague for the people attacking the healer.