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11.22.2012 , 07:31 AM | #28
The problem with the mmo genre as a whole is it has grown stale to allot of people, these companies keep pumping out clones of each other with different skins not giving the players anything different to do from game to game, people have got bored with it.

I hope the industry wakes up and starts making some games with different and diverse game play, heck maybe something as simple as a theme park/sandbox hybrid, we need options in our games different things to do, in an mmo our toons should feel like they live in the world not just playing through it. The problems with TOR is not just a problem with TOR, it's a problem with all mmo's over the last few years, so yes f2p is not going to save anything until the industry changes the core game mechanics, adds new thing for us to do, and gets creativity back in to the mmo world...

Companies have milked the wow play model (or EQ model) to the point they are losing money on these games, the share holders are not getting the profits or bonus checks they want, this will be the only thing that will drive change in the gaming market, since they do not make these games because they love us as nice as that would be..
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