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11.22.2012 , 07:23 AM | #29
If i dont use my cc breaker, i may lose 60-100%HP while there is no 100% resolve filled
If i use it, there is a chance i get CC'd again imidietly.
When i need immunity, my cc breaker isnt ready.

On the bottom line, resolve fills too slow and cc breaker has no improvements in the skilltree.

What means CC breaker ? ... it doesnt only brakes my devotion, it also makes room for shields and heals and whistles.
We only break CCs in combat - logical ^^ so we are in a situation of a virtual life threat, a death threat.
CC breaker is a emergency tool, to gain back control.
If its not filled already in such a high alert threat - that you need to blast the chains on you - then its pretty worthless if you can be CC'd again right after the freeze.

At the moment, i only care if others are immune ...