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11.22.2012 , 07:07 AM | #39
...So once they upgrade armour to beyond elite war hero..will we all simply get into a armoured module and get dropped inside a giant robot to fight warzones? Where does this end?

It seems to me they are moving way too slowly on this type of thing but it is a move in a way to try to balance PvP. Ill be intrigued to see how many players gear disadvantage will disappear and how it will affect the game.

Once players have war hero gear, it would be massively funny to me if the matches suddenly became more competitive rather than the result some claim will happen. Time will tell.

As we are now in F2P, I believe all future decisions for SWTOR PvP will be based on time, budget and appeal to a casual base. I'm not sure we'll see any more pvp changes for a long while. So enjoy this brief spotlight while you can.
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