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11.22.2012 , 07:00 AM | #38
Really looking forward to new patch.

Really dont understand pugs turning up in blues and greens

I my self got my main to 50 stoped pvp for a while recently got back into it, i now have almost full BH, 1 piece recruit gear. thats in around a month playing twice a week roughly.

I play normally twice a week, i was going against full wh pre made teams, did i win? did i survive?

I died in two hits, i got up, i died again and this was none stiop for quite a while but i kept going even in crap teams and now i hold my own far better and have a better chance of securing objectives where as b4 i struggled.

Time to get grinding my wh stuff and anyperson reading this that is thinking of trying lev 50 pvp but not sure if to bother please get ya recruit gear and get stuck in eventually you will be on par in gear