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== Bug confirmed and recorded ==
I am currently testing various things to re-create this bug

I usually take screen-shots of my competed schematics as well as keep data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet of my completed schematics.

My Synthweave 400/400 is doing all the Re-engineering Green > Blue > Purple to get the schematics and has lost about a bunch Purple schematics who knows when, but recently.

I've completed doing Heavy Armor and Light Armor, and currently doing lower 30's Medium Armor when I noticed I had lost ALL my Purple schematics I got from...

(Data from spreadsheet)
Level 29 Medium Boots and Headgear
Original Green : Ceramic Alloy Boots, Ceramic Alloy Headgear
Blue : Overkill Ceramic Alloy Boots, Overkill Ceramic Alloy Headgear
Purple : Expert Ceramic Alloy Boots, Hawkeye Ceramic Alloy Boots, Vehemence Ceramic Alloy Boots, Rampart Ceramic Alloy Boots and Commander's Ceramic Alloy Boots and Expert Ceramic Alloy Headgear, Hawkeye Ceramic Alloy Headgear, Vehemence Ceramic Alloy Headgear, Rampart Ceramic Alloy Headgear, and Commander's Ceramic Alloy Boots.

Level 31 Medium Chest and Legs
Original Green : Ceramic Alloy Vest and Ceramic Alloy Leggings
Blue : Critical Ceramic Alloy Vest and Overkill Ceramic Alloy Leggings
Purple : Endowment Ceramic Alloy Vest, Fervor Ceramic Alloy Vest, Supremacy Ceramic Alloy Vest, Tempest Ceramic Alloy Vest and Leadership Ceramic Alloy Vest.
Expert Ceramic Alloy Leggings, Hawkeye Ceramic Alloy Leggings, Vehemence Ceramic Alloy Leggings, Rampart Ceramic Alloy Leggings and Commander's Ceramic Alloy Leggings.

I finished them and was about to go on to the Level 33 Bracers and Waistcords...

All my green and Blue schematics above are intact (at this moment), and lost all the purples
I also took a screen shot of all my schematics as of Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

The schematics I lost were done After the F2P patch went Live.
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