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19. With the introduction of the Event Equipment Requisition authorization in the Cartel Market, will we see more frequent world events in the future?

We definitely have more events planned we plan to introduce several in the next year. We also plan on bringing some old events back, so players should definitely see the pace of events accelerate considerably over the course of 2013.
"Some old events"...there have only been two, unless there was something they did in unless he actually meant "events" in the singular, the Rakghoul event should certainly be coming around again!

I AM SO EXCITED. I didn't have the chance to grab an extra rakling to give to a future alt last time around that would be perfect for it. Oh man, I might even be able to get that alt up high enough to grab the red one, too, if we have enough warning (or I start it soon). I am very pleased with this turn of events. 8D
I love turning heads.
My favorite part is the kr-KRAK just before they throw themselves at my feet.