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Going a year without any answers can somehow disillusion people and they feel playing something else is better than paying to ask questions to a brick wall.
Disillusioned due to being overly emotional and getting easily stressed by people telling me my opinions are worthless and I'm a horrible human being. Think I've hit some of the side effects of the implant as well.

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For me the adamant silence of EA/BW has long lost the status of "neutrality". At a certain point saying nothing is supporting the opposite opinon.
Absolutely. Why else would all the anti's be so bloody happy that Bioware hasn't said anything on this site? Nowhere does it say that time invalidates all things automatically and yet the anti-crowd holds to that idea. They take Bioware's silence as tacit consent for their hatred and that any moderation on comments is paying lip service to a legal requirement, rather than a belief in equality and a safe environment.

And yes, this game is sexist, does have moments of misogyny and whorephobia, probably does have moments of racism (can't say, I'm white) and is definitely homophobic due to erasure and a lack of options. A lot of people take homophobia and other forms of discrimination to be name calling and directed violence, when actually it's much more than that.