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Slow you should really replay agent and side with jadus the npcs and even some sith in the story treat you with respect its really nice.

Anyway when I sided with jadus and gave him the codex the keeper/minister said that they are placing me at the head of the new sith intelligence program and will use the secrets of the codex to destroy the enemies of the empire. Right now they are just setting everything up.

I mean jadus is the only sith that does not call me a creature to my alien IA in the story even zhorrid called me a creature but nope jadus thinks aliens and humans are equal and all that matters at the end of the day is power and whether someone is good enough for a said position.

He does not care what race you are as long as you can do the job that's required its the reason why imperial intelligence allows aliens in the ranks. I think darth marr holds a similar view on the whole alien thing since he is the one who is pushing to incorporate more aliens into the empire.