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At this point, I just don't know what to do. I've mentioned the people that "bullied" Bioware into giving them more ME3 ending content. Of course we could also set up a FB group and involve any gaming press outlet there and threaten to never buy any Bioware product again. But as with last time, I do not support this kind of action. I found it justified in part, but childish and bratty in the way it ended up playing out. I guess I'm just not that kind of a person.
It is by no means childish to, as a customer, demand consistent quality and truthful advertising. And it's by no means bullying either. That attitude stems from how we've gotten too damned complacent when it comes to our rights as consumers.

Gamers (as a group) have been terrible at standing up for their principles, even when they do voice their dissatisfaction, and let publishers abuse their brand loyalty again and again and again. Frankly I find lashing out at gamers who finally stood up for themselves with terms suggesting that doing so isn't something appropriate for adults to be quite distasteful.

Personally? I'd be all for organizing some sort of campaign to pressure EA into finally saying something about the issue at hand. Create a Facebook page and a Twitter account! Encourage Forbes, and other journalistic entities that aren't part of the incestuous relationship that is the video game industry and the specialized video game press, to bring up the subject and attempt to get an answer from EA!

What we've been doing so far clearly isn't working, so either we just sit around and wait for EA to decide when/if they want to tell us something, or we escalate the issue to levels that they'll take seriously.

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The "no-info" policy is a little annoying. Maybe it has to do with them not wanting to raise expectations after what happened with ME3. I really do not feel that "Give us a new ending" movement has done us much good in the long run. People got what they wanted, but it has changed the tone of conversation and chemistry between Bioware and us "fans" to some extent.
"People got what they wanted" isn't exactly accurate. People got a small portion of what they wanted, which is a relatively proper denouement, but most of the things that were criticized in the ending still remain to this day, because BioWare would never admit that the entire premise behind the game's main plot was highly flawed.

That said, you should have a look at the Dragon Age forums. Tons of interaction between the team and the fans there. I think the tone of conversation going on the SWTOR side if things is completely unrelated to what happened with ME3, and has more to do with this game's inability to live up to the publisher's expectations. EA thought they had the new World of Warcraft on their hands, but they didn't... and things changed.
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