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I main a level 43 assault vanguard, played the first month, quit in Feb, and came back recently. I'm still having the same issue. There are some sorcs that never seem to take damage. At all. Every other class I've never had a problem killing 1 on 1 (or at least dishing out heavy damage before I go down), but 90% of the time I attack a sorc, all I see is absorb... absorb... absorb... What the hell is up with this? I've only ever seen sorcs go down when they have like 3 or more people attacking them. I'm not talking about heals either, they just seem to have a permanent shield on. I don't get it. I consistently put out some of the highest damages in WZs and I'm competent at killing the other classes... am I doing something wrong or what? I can proc HiB 10 times in a row while all my burns are active and still do no damage to a sorc, it seems. Any advice?
Sorcs/sage have static barrier/force armor. This is a bubble spell that absorbs damage. Dot em up with with your burn/spam ion pulse/hammer shot till bubble is gone then HiB, rinse and repeat. The sorc/sages go down faster then a ...well nvm that...they die fast. At lvl 50 I hammer shot as I'm closing/incendiary round/sticky grenade/assault plastique/ion pulse/HiB/spam ion pulse/stockstrike till HiB procs....sorcs/sages are squishy.



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