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11.22.2012 , 02:46 AM | #3
Same here. This M0-T0 person doesn't bother to read a single word other than "cartel coins" before sending out the ridiculous form letter response.

I'm owed 1,000 coins for owning a Collector's Edition.

I have had to submit 4 tickets because I keep getting this SAME CSR with the same response that has nothing to do with my situation telling me to submit a new ticket if this doesn't solve the issue.

My husband has a Collector's Edition. He received his 1,000 coins for it.
I have a Collector's Edition. I have yet to receive my 1,000 coins for it.

This ....person....keeps sending the same copy and paste response, and we are not the ONLY ones who've had the unfortunate displeasure to deal with M0-T0 that doesn't actually read the tickets.

BioWare....perhaps it would help if you informed M0-T0 that they are NOT an actual droid, so behaving like an automated bot is not customer service.