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11.22.2012 , 02:33 AM | #147
Can anyone give any tips for marauder for Droid-boss?

Just so you know, I left the game in 1.1, so Lost Island is stlll new to me. I have completed it one time on HM and still have to find group for SM (I like the lore, but HM isn't the place to see it, no one cares about bonus bosses and dialogs)

So far the only tactics that I can come up with is to be the only melee DPS in group, and pray to all gods boss won't put his mark on you (which he does 4 times of 5) And if there are 2 melee DPS - its Wipeland. Meanwhile I still need that Rakata chest (Ihave full Columi set, BH belt and Rakata implants and earpiece)
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