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11.22.2012 , 02:29 AM | #120
1. Name of Server: The Bastian
2. Name of Characters Affected: Aneshta/Anirra/Ionera/Baphelia/Chatha/Chemmie/Taor'yrra (All current)
3. Frequency of Crashing: 3 - 5 times daily since last patch
4. Additional Info: Random triggers - loading character/using speeder/transitioning between locations.
NOTE: Have received a Windows XP error the last two days saying that SWTOR was trying to access inaccessible memory locations upon closing the game. Prior crashes were stutters and crashes to desktop. Had 2 instances where my computer completely froze and I had to use the reset button today. Crashing systems and results are progressively getting worse.
5. DxDiag:

6. Reliability Report:

7. CONFIRMING this is a crashing to desktop error with the exception of the total system freeze happening twice.