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11.22.2012 , 02:13 AM | #3229
I have not given up either.

I can't really claim exhaustion, since I never was the most active person in this thread. I have been lurking for quite a while, contacted staff here and there, twittered writers when I came across a tweet that didn't really seem to shed any light on the topic. If anything, it's fatigue, and not wanting to be part of the group again whose wishes are constantly denied.

At this point, I just don't know what to do. I've mentioned the people that "bullied" Bioware into giving them more ME3 ending content. Of course we could also set up a FB group and involve any gaming press outlet there and threaten to never buy any Bioware product again. But as with last time, I do not support this kind of action. I found it justified in part, but childish and bratty in the way it ended up playing out. I guess I'm just not that kind of a person.

But I'm not good at waiting also. I've cancelled my sub for the time being, having done so since if it's F2P, I can have a look into it from time to time and wait for the content I really care about to appear. I wish they'd just let me pay my money for that.

The "no-info" policy is a little annoying. Maybe it has to do with them not wanting to raise expectations after what happened with ME3. I really do not feel that "Give us a new ending" movement has done us much good in the long run. People got what they wanted, but it has changed the tone of conversation and chemistry between Bioware and us "fans" to some extent.

Maybe I'm wrong about it, and do not get me wrong, I do like the additional ending content we received. But maybe, I thought about it last night, it also had an effect thus possibly delaying other things BW were up to, after all they nearly invested half a year into creating it.

I'm still waiting. I haven't given up. Just a little unsure how to proceed from here, you know.