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As far as new 50's, they will remain bad. For every new 50 you see today that arrives fully prepped with 3000 rwz comms and 2000 wz comms, you see two that show up in a wz wearing greens and blues. And one of those two will get indignant when you tell him they give away Recruit gear for free. Mention to that guy that he would go ape sh*t if someone was able to show up in pvp gear and force him to carry the pvper through TFB HM, and that he is effectively doing the same thing on the pvp side, and he will go silent and not say a word. And still not get Recruit gear..
That problem came solely from making recruit gear have a cost. They should have just made recruit gear free, not given the 300k token at all, and made recruit gear only main character equippable if they were worried people would gear up all their companions.

There's a significant difference- because someone without good pve gear has the option to gear up by doing easier dungeons. Someone without good pvp gear though doesn't have the option to only play against other pvpers without gear.

Ultimately- you carry recruits in pvp. Not as much as someone in pve blues and greens- but a recruit is at least 33% lower in most stats, is hitting like a wet noodle and is dying twice as fast.

As someone who isn't a competitive pve'r- I have the option to do normal mode operations and the easier HM FPs, I can and do move from the easier stuff to the harder stuff (btw- I also did heal through Karagga's Palace and the Vault without any issue wearing all champ gear). I'm much more competitive pvp-wise- but ultimately pvp doesn't have that same option, the entry level. No, you get thrown directly into nightmare mode TFB regardless if you're in BiS augmented WH which you've mixed and matched or if you're in greens.

It is a huge turn off to players who don't play much, or who are only casual pvpers. And really, for so called 'good, hardcore' pvpers to try to defend their advantage- if you are really as good as you say you are from playing all the time you needed to gear up, you shouldn't need that gear advantage to beat these players you are constantly calling bads. If everytime someone says 'I do not play much and would like to have the gear to compete' your response is 'you will still be bad even if you had gear cuz you are a casual'- then why are you so terrified of everyone getting equal gear? You're a better player by your own admission, and yet you still want to have a handicap bonus over them?